Cannot get my save code

I cannot get my save code for some reason. When I request it for an email I get nothing. I tried registering again using the same email and it said used by another user. I lost all my progress. Purchases detected fine for same account (my playstore account ) I tried using a different email when registering did not receive email with my save code either. I am checking spam folder too. I had essentially everything unlocked a while ago. Searching for mazebert in email only brings up my purchase. Help me Andy One Kenobi you are my only hope.

This is my new account btw my old one is the same email only with a dot before 6. (don't know if you can see the email). I also left a message in #bug-reports in discord feel free to message me directly there. Thank you in advance

I've sent you an email with you old character's save code. Cheers Andy

Same problem here. sent request to get savecode by my gmail account: but there is no mail received, same also to create an account here by using my gmail account but it say that it is used

Can you try again? There's been a problem with delivery to gmail that should be fixed by now.

yes thnx, got the savecode, thnx again,