Did not receive the Baby Cthulu card after donating

Hello community, I think this is a case for the support. However I did not find out how to get in contact with the support "the right" way. If there is one. :) Title already contains the description of my problem. The screen with the inn keeper tells me I've donated already in every possible way. Still Baby Cthulu card is missing in my deck. I am thankful for any help!

Heya, thank you so much for supporting the game! Baby Cthulhu was a special supporter reward of last season and isn‘t available anymore 😬 There‘s gonna be a new special for the upcoming season, though in December.

Hello! Many thanks for your reply! Mazebert TD is worth every cent I've donated. :) What a pity I've missed Baby C. Looking forward to the next season! Hope you will keep having fun developing this awesome TD game further!

Thank you for the heads up! Hope you‘ll enjoy next season!