It seems quite a few donated in the game. But it seems that the list has double entries. And just for curiosity I would like to know the real total amount you got. You don't have to tell us but as the donations are visible I just would like to know the total. Maybe with some statistic avg donations per month or so.

Hey Kami, it's about 60-80 Euro per month, pretty much enough to cover the server hosting, ssl certificates etc, plus a few beers :-)

Pfft, 60 Euros. Put more donations in, we'll give you enough money to buy a few fancy beers.

:-D Don't worry about it Romeo. This game is clearly a hobby project, there's no goal to get insanly rich by making it. However I really appreciate the steady flow donations. That's really amazing and something I didn't expect to happen in the first place at all :-)

Still, you give us something rad, you put the effort in AND you pay for these servers so we can discuss your awesome gift to us. Least we can do is pay you back for it. =P

:-D Very much appreciated! Hope to implement some new content within the next months, but rewriting the ladder backend is really keeping me busy at the moment.

Well I'm glad it at least covers your costs. Its really a good game and the least you should not be forced to sacrifice your money and your time for it.

I do I donate?

Go to your wizard and then to the inn or the pub. There you can buy Drinks for the dev.

Plus you can get the Cookie Monster that way, which is pretty much the best.