endless mode

This is sparta! (electric chair with Messerschmidt's :O) null

Thats a whole lotta gibs lol!!

Yep my Knusperhexe was working hard on creating all those frozen demons. (the last ones were kind of annoying since I had to scroll through all those items to create the set !: ) And didn't get my first tome until wave 150 :! By the end all of them were lvl 70+ and pretty much bringing everything to a halt.

The 8.1 release changes things up quite a bit. 8.0 was way too easy. I dunno if ill make it to the end in 8.1 with my current test set up.

Let's see - I'm not really looking forward to doing 1000 waves again atm though ~ Depending on your drop luck you'll get all you need somewhere between 150 and 300 so anything beyond that is kind of grindy.

1k waves was fun the first time. Now im struggling to survive at wave 450 and its way more fun lol.

Hey, that's good to hear! Also, the item flood should be quite reduced in 8.1, too. :-)

Yes its definitely reduced!!!! Maybe too much lmao. Buttttt knusperhexe is entirely worthless now :(

At least at some point in endless-mode she no longer pays off, but at least she can delay the unevitable :-) But armor reduction caps at 60% so at some point the armor penalty no longer matters. That's probably the point were it doesn't matter if you've built her or not. Maybe the Dried Cactus can help at this point...

So if that armor chart is still valid armor cap would then be at 220 (2.20^2 x 12.5% ~ 60%) So at that point a maxed cactus will reduce that by 45% to 121 => 18.3% which is a 100% increase in damage. (that's actually amazing..... but....) The cactus would then see reducing value up until 400 armor (220/55%) or I guess 520 with witch. Anywho on the topic of armor - I think a linear armor function might work better than one that is pretty much exponential with a fairly low cap. Right now armor is meaningless early on - gets completely crushed by knusperhexe in mid game and ends up being stuck at cap somewhere into late game. I kind of like the linear armor scaling in the warcraft universe with the function being armor/(x+armor) = damage reduction. Now with this formula - if you set x at 200 you'd have 33% dr at 100, 50% dr at 200, 66% at 400, 75% at 600 So this would be a bit too steep early on so I'd adjust by making armor itself something like: armor = 0.7*level + (0.1*level)^1.5

sorry to but in...but how do you get so many gibs? i got 1 at lvl 300+ and i don't unsderstand how did you get so many...

Hi bampiru, welcome on board! The screenshot is from the internal alpha version of 0.8, which was tested by Nillo. I think the screenshot is still from that version, because item chance did not cap in the alpha. In endless mode, this led to a MASSIVE amount of items, so a lot of potential for Gib summoning :-) Hope I could help!

Hey people, is anyone doing 2000 waves atm ? I am just trying it, at wave 770+ now. No problems so far with shadow as carry :-) Challenge and horsemen only come to spot 14 before they die. Nearly all huli/beaver/gib on 4x2 square and 15-17 have 2 withered and 2 7league boots. And of course 1 gib with full withered and 0.1 ASPD. Also two hulis are on 0.1 ASPD soon too. Its really funny for now. :-)