How do I include pictures in posts?

Well title already tells everything. I would like to know that. And i think i heard that question before but did not find it again and do not know if it has been answered so sorry if thats the case.

i have only done it once(1 link included 7-8 pictures) but i went to imgur.c om? i always google imgur ;) then i upload the image and when given the link i just copy/paste the link with the text and voila =) when i added several pictures in 1 link i copied the link on the searchbar or the browser and it looked some thing like imgur.c om/asudfhasfn/sdfjhalsdfh/sdfh/sldfh and so on every /// is the link of the next picture combined in 1 i learned to paste from reading the input in general/my highest max hit forum

Thank you for the quick answer^^ just tried it.

np mate, i just hope it works ;)

if they not show it might be something that manuwins said in general/myhighest max hit forum: """"""""""Upload your image to imgur.com, for example, and copy the BBCode. Select the button ‘IMG’ in the option here and paste your link. Should look like this: Img src=”link” alt=”” /> I deleted the first “<” so you could see it. Hope you found this helpful. :)""""""" myself i never did that IMG thing but still worked out for me...