How to Pay

This game is great. It's a perfect tower defense game. I want to support this game. But I don't know how to pay. I'm a Chinese player. I can't seem to pay, even if I use VPN.?The bank card doesn't support it.

Oh man, Thank you so much for your support! I guess you‘re on Android, right? I‘m not sure if in-app-purchases work there for China. Or maybe I haven‘t completed some forms that are required for this to work! I really appreciate your efforts and I‘m so glad you enjoy playing this game so much!! That‘s all I can ask for, so please save your money. I‘m trying to put up a different kind of supporter pack for the upcoming season. An official Dawn of Light season supporter shirt, so far I think I will be able to ship globally. It’s still a rough concept though. Not sure if I can make it happen. But it would definitely not be via Google or Apple payment services.

Yes, I use Android devices. Google dropped out of the Chinese market, so I couldn't use it. You can consider using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin as payment tools.

Great Idea since Apple is straight +10% of costs the dev not see but we have to pay... bought all the ingame packs since im playing already for 5 years (holycrap.... time is running...)

Hey kinda stuck restarting, forgot my old name and email.

If you remember, send Andy a message. I think the easiest way is to join the Mazebert discord if you haven't already. The link is in the game: Mazebert > New game > multiplayer > top of screen: join discord.

I just picked him yesterday and gave a lil boost in Multiplayer :) now he has more progress then previous :D