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Congratulations. I guess Scarecrow has been your carry? Who was your second? Muli or Bear or di you go for a single carry tower? I would suggest to a slightly different position. Move the Scarecrow where the Abyss is now. Move the Abyss where the Dark Forge is now. Build the Knusperhexe where the Scarecrow is right now. Replace one of your Herb Witches with the Black Widow as soon as possible to maximize your loot.(one of the withces on the fields, that give minus range) Skip the Darkforge (Only build it, when you are sure, you can get it to 60+ with a decent luck so you can get the big sword) Just some suggestions. But most of the enemys should die in the range of the Abyss, while your Knusper takes the armor from a good deal of the Scarecrows attack range. If you place him down there, the chance to kill all the air units is higher (if your not one hitting everything).

Ontrose, I tried to play on your strategy and that's what happened. the result was better. game mode: 200 wave on Hard, card=Kvothe,the Arcane.

I do not know the English language, all texts translates Google, thank you for the lesson. how to get a new Expert cards? I do not know how to play with Muli and how good he is. what good is frozen Gib ?

Expert Cards can be got randomly for 20 Card Relics (Click "My Wizard", then click the hammer), but have low odds. They can also be given from the Black Market for 300 Card Relics guaranteed on weekends (Click "My Wizard, click the image of the right). Muli is amazing, but demands a good amount of gold (Due to his ability) and requires at least one Huli in play. Like Shadow or Ripper, he's best built as soon as possible for maximum damage, but he can bankrupt you if you aren't careful. Gib the Frozen Demon is the single greatest support unit in the Darkness deck. With a Reaver and a ton of Speed, he can massively slow down large groups of enemies. His effect can be detrimental if your carry is too weak to overwhelm the armor-gain effect of it, so be careful.

Be aware, that the best Gib is level 99 (much higher slow value then a lower leveled Gib). One way to Achieve that: Darkness Only: Place a couple of Scarecrows, give them Attack Speed and then 1-2 Painting of Solea in addition to one item from the Dark Forge (Cauldron is suggested here, for the speed buff). They will gain some Exp via the Soleas. As soon as the Dark Forge hits 99 replace it with Gib (most likely wont work on 200 waves...) Multi Race Deck: We go for the good old Dark Forge + Ganesha Combo here. Place them both down, preferrebly so that the Forge is also in Ganesha Range. Wait until Ganesha hits about level 65 and then place 3-4 Dark Forge items in it. You can powerlevel 2 Towers (Ganesha and Dark Forge) really fast, especially if your Carrys are wolves. (Incredible Leveling Power on the wolves! Will take like 10-15 rounds to get Ganesha to level 99). Keep in mind, that going Wolves and later Ganesha+Dark Forge cost quite a bit of money. P.S. a Tiny (really, only a tiny tiny) drawback on Gib is that he INCREASES the enemys armor for each time he slows them. That should not be a problem since you play Darkness. Knusper does balance it out easy enough.