New Kik Chat Open

Ifu have Kik and want to know who else plays this awesome game go to kik if u dont have it get it its free and look up #mazebertisawesome

A better app to use would be linechat.

Also I typed it in and it said nobody has that name.

Did u do the name or hashtag?


Sorry i left it cuz no one was joining so look it up again it will work this time

Cuz i joined back in

Hello guys, you are working on the wiki right? Just spend some time browsing through and i wanted to add some things here. 1st.: I think it is a good idea, at least if it will kept up to date, when it's finished. 2nd.: I know, it's a work in progress, so since I'm lacking experience with such things, how how to get some kinds of order into things there? Just like you would do it with HTML? Who/how to change the "Categoies" that are unassigned right now? 3rd.: Would you mind if i rework the Wizard Ability Page? I'm sorry to say it, but it's ugly XD work with tables. You get a better overview with all the numbers in there. *Edit: Well i just changed the Wizard Ability Page to tables. Since im not fully statisfied yet, i might play around a bit more ^^ But have to work with source code from now on ^^' 4th.: Is there a way to write for the side on your local PC with a certain programm and then just upload it there? It's a pain in the ass to make changes with the browser interface... **Edit: Can one of you guys add the "unlocks on level" for the stuff you cant take right away? Quite a while ago i could see it ;D *** Can you make a new Heroes Page? Just doesnt fit into the "Towers" area... Maybe we can make a "Deck" Area and then stick to one Decktype per page? You will get a better overview then... No clue how to do that XD **** Heroes Page made. May need some adjustment though.

For now I just hope we can get all the info on there for new players, I have focused on the general use and idea of the towers but not the exact stats. After all the info is up, there will be tweaking, but thats just me, other than myself I think romeo and the original wiki guy whos username I dont remember are working on it, and I assume you are as well.

Well Leo, i just reworked the Wizard Ability Page, deleted the "hero" part from the Tower page, and added a the whole hero page new... Would you mind to reread it and check for spelling failures etc? But i gonne split up the towers into races... better do it now then later. Or well, i will do it tomorrow ^^ gettin a headache right now XD not used to that type of work. You guys are still active on KIK? Might join later this evening, when i'm back home. No Phone connection her -.-

Yea we are still active and will do, I will check spelling in a bit.

We need more than just three people jn the kik chat.