old account deleted

same issue with kang0068 here.. my old account name was "ersag" on the same email adress as this one. iv been away from the game the last 3 years and apparently my account got deleted due to updates i guess. now that i found the game being available on windows i started playin again.. id appreciate it if you could restore my previous progress. thnx. i also have my old security code in case u need.

Hey, no your old account is still there. If you remember your savecode, you should be able to load it an resume playing with it.. Edit: Try to unzip Mazebert to a fresh location, start the game and click on My Wizard. There you should be able to enter your previous save code.

omg thnx a lot.. i was trying to log with email, but apparently i hadnt registered back then. it worked fine with the savecode and again thnx lot.

also, where is the pub in the app?

On Windows there's no Developer's Inn, only on mobile devices.