Warcraft III Frozen Throne // Tunngle

any1 still have wc3 and tunngle? i only have downloaded from torrent so i can't play on battlenet, but if someone wanna play some TD or custom maps with me i'm up for it =) i like soldier defence and ofc the classic twilight, haven't played for long though so i might be a bit of my game^^ and dont remember much other maps... peace //

Right now i sadly dont have a running version, since i've lost my CDs. But the Classic TDs are more or less dead for years. Only competitive maps (Legion TD, Stronghold and the like) are played anymore. At least on Bnet a while ago. Maybe i could reactivate my old HDD to get it from there (with about a 10gb mappool to pick from). Worth the try anyways, but i really dont like/trust tuungle. I would prefer the good old Hamachi then, just due to the fact, that you dont open up ANY ports etc to a dozen or a hundret of strangers. Maybe i will give it a try for Saturday eve.

not too familiar with hamachi but could give it a go, but do i have to start an account there aswell or is it open/without acc? hehe never even heard of legion, stronghold maps but would be fun to learn =) myself i like tunngle, i use to play titan quest there aswell, its very easy and gets a ton of games to play with others both for lan between friends and for ppl with pirated copies, ( ah if my old computer hadn't died on me i would still play borderlands2) oh and btw what timezone are you in? im in +1 =)

Well, the reason why i dont like tuungle is: too many people there you dont know, while you have lan like opened up ports if you wanna host. The prob here, it is rather easy to circumvent some of firewalls. Even i did it on Lan for fun, turning the screen around etc. For hamachi, you just dl the free version and well, you have of course only 4 players in the lobby (free version of hamachi is bound to 4 ppl/room/network) and it simulates a LAN like tuungle. But you can secure the room with Passwords and 4 people are easy to handle. Haha, TQ! Good old times ;) Loved my Petmaster well... all my Petmasters. Ever tried to go for the White Knigh Challange there? :>

aiyt i just woke up =) i can download hamachi and give it a go! yeah i got bored and my laptop aint so great as my stationary computer died the most i can play are games like TQ and wc3 and such =/ but its still fun like the good old days =) i have tried to find my old diablo 2 cd's but failed, maybe have to look in the storage unit harder =)

Well, i would be up for a round TQ or WC3, if you got suitable maps, or wishes. Not a fan of Diablo franchise... too boring, no diversity and each class only got 2 or max 3 viable skill variations.. But: I'm kinda special. I like ganmes hardcore. As hard as possible. Ever head of the "white knight" challange? If now: In TQ, you have to play on hardest mode available, only equip WHITE items on the armor and weapon slots (magical amulets and rings are allowed, no sockets on white items!) and if you die you are done for. So Deathcounter of 0.

well i only have a dozen or so maps but ppl play legion all the time on tunngle i have started to play soldier defence on relentless and after five mins at least half of the players have died =) no never heard of white night^^ hehe but im not that good in TQ, i like the deathcounter 0 thingy but when multiplaying the mobs get so hard or someone said its not the mobs but the character gets reduced dmg instead of like in diable the mobs gets stronger and the character is the same, but without equipment i would die a thousand times^^haha

Well, i like it on hard. Are you used to play modded on TQ? I played solo on hard from level with virtual max Players. Well, you end up like level 30-40 after chapter one. On the other hand enemys are a PAIN in the ass :> Tried it as white knight. The problem on my summoner was, he was so squishy. But i think Nature/Defense or NAture/Archer might even work out. Due to higher armor and HP. But we can go for it sometimes in the evening. You got steam dude? Easier to communicate there. At least i got the CDs for TQ... too lazy to get my WC3 copy from my old HDD...