2 bugs

First is a bug you already know of. Exiting to main menu will restart the wave but it will also reroll a chance for an item from the dark Forge. The second is when I lock the screen/turn screen it freezes my game.

The dark forge exploit will be fixed in the next version, when the actual progress (including creeps) will be saved properly between rounds. The sceond issue is quite tricky. May I ask which device you are using to play the game? Also, is it possible to get the game running again, or do you have to restart the app? That would be really bad, my apologies for that! On my Nexus 7 it was working without a freeze, but I will double check it. In case it can be fixed, I will provide a hotfix (0.7.1)

I am using Verizon Samasung Galaxy S4. I just have to force close the app and it will restart like normal. It also seems to only do that after playing for a wile.

Thanks for the info. @kad confirmed that this happens occasionally on his device as well since 0.7. Currently I'm trying to reproduce it on my Nexus 7. So far, no luck. Do you get the same problem when you just minimize your app? I will do some digging in my app deactiviation code and check if I'm sticking to all best practices around.

Yes it does.

Damn. I simply couldn't reproduce it. Also, on the web there is little to no information about this scenario on adobe air + android. I have a suspicion, though. But I need your help to find out if this truly is the problem. @korn7809, @kad, could you give it a try on your phone? I uploaded an apk with the fix attempt.

Heh I cant reproduce it either but ill check out the new apk after work and see what I can do.


I'll do some thorough testing tomorrow.

I tested a bit. Not a single freezing instance and the response time upon returning to game seems faster and smoother. I'll keep trying things to see if I can get it to freeze.

That sounds promising :-)

I have done a little bit of testing and I haven't had it freeze yet. I didn't have much time with my current job at work so I wasn't able to play much (normally I have wait time to spare so I play).

Thanks for the feedback on this. Very much appreciated. This sounds very good! If the bug won't show up again anymore, I will release a hotfix end of the week! Cheers guys :-D

Keep up the great work boss!

It's done, 0.7.1 is processing to the Google Play store right now. Thanks for all your help fixing this bug!

Ok now that I am using 0.7.1 I seem to be encountering a different bug. From time to time when i minimize or lock the screen the game freezes. But this time when I try opening the app it goes to a blank screen with the top menu bar ( the one with the battery life and time) blinks.

Damn! Thanks for reporting this. That's really weird. Is it happening as often as the previous freeze? It sounds like the OS is shutting down the game to spare resources, but only halfways..