A baffling bug about potion

OK, I played a hard mode game with Kvote try to earn more 100% Exp. Everything is ok, I remained 194% HP, and three +20% HP Potions, Blood Blade, 34 Great Potion of Crit, at wave 400+. Just wait the +511 Blood Blade and get leveled. Perfect! -- Then I was going to combine my tons of Mead Bottle. Switch cards quickly. Double tap cards quickly. Wait, what did I see? My 34 Great Potion of Crit become 34 Potion of Water?! Are you Fxxking kidding me?! -- Finally, I survived about 500 seconds...

Afaik this is just a display bug that happens when you transmute stacks. reenter the potion screen and everything is back to normal.

I have tried that and nothing changed...

Thanks for reporting this @ProteinPig. What a shitty bug is that :-( Terribly sorry that this bug ruined your bonus round. To make it easier to actually find this bug - do you remember some additional details from when this happened? Like how many other potion cards you where holding, how many mead bottles you transmuted? Thanks for your help!

It's about 34 Great Potion of Crit 10-20 Great Potion of Strength 40-60 Mead Bottle 0-10 Potion of Water and several other potions But, I don't think it's worth to pay too much attention on it. I played another hard game today, and nothing happend. BTW, I survived 22009 with Kvote, and leveled 2 up.