A few things to throw around

Well hey ya all, I'm new to the forum and new to mazebert but I noticed a few things worth mentioning. First Idea to Throw Around: With the upcoming item sets and surely an ever increasing list of cards and items. It may be wise to (sooner than later) implement a category system. Eg. Each card can equip a weapon, some armor and 2 accessories. This will limit stacking certain items and make it much much easier to balance objects as the game grows. For example (though I've not been able to truly test this fully) a pocket thief surrounded by herb witches with 4 items that boost speed (eg magic mushroom) generates ridiculous cash per round. In a lucky game it seems possible to use the thief and interest alone to purchase amazingly powerful cards earlier than should be acceptable. Second Idea: What about implenting an achievement system with "functional" rewards for obtaining certain goals. As it stands now, the only benefit to repeatedly playing is leveling up. It would be nice in my opinion to enter a game with a goal in mind (other than winning) to focus on. A tiered achievement system could create some interesting twists. Let's say for example there is an achievement for completing a game without beavers. The reward could be that all beavers now stun 10% more frequently. Another instance could include obtaining 10k cash for a permanent 1% cash boost, Obtain 50k cash for a further (stackable) 3% cash boost followed by earning 100k for an extra 6%. Pushing the total boost to 10% extra cash gain. Things like this make the game easier but players must strive to earm them and as a result deserve the given rewards. The nice thing though is maybe I don't clear all 200 waves this time but I gained 2 achievements and now I can't wait to see how it's going to influence my future runs. Well that's it for now :) I am definitely enjoying this game and can't wait to see what the future holds for it.

Hey Kad, welcome to Mazebert and the forum :-) I'm glad that you're enjoying the game so far. Thanks for sharing your ideas here! The first thing you mention is really that way by design. The idea is to give the player the freedom to combine item/potion cards anyway he likes to. This way the most creative strategies arise (like the one you mentioned with the pocket thief + herb witch + item buff). However, as you might not always get all the cards you thought would be great for your strategy in a game, you really need to improvise, and might even find a much better strategy while combining the cards you eventually got to something useful. I agree, in terms of balancing this really is a challenge! One thing going into this direction, is that you can find unique cards only once in a game, because otherwise their effects would be just too powerful. Yes! The achievment system is something I have on my list. I haven't thought of combining achievments with benefits for the game, but that's definitely an interesting idea. Right now the only bonus you can get is by levelling up in the skilltree. In the next release, there will be the new foil card system, where you can win a special foil version of every tower (but its just an optical effect for the card...).

Yes yes I'd be a liar if I had said that I didn't enjoy the freedom of stacking accessories any way that I chose. I was merely making mention of the category system as a means of simplifying the balancing task to some degree. My brain stopped functioning after trying to balance a theoretical 100 cards with 100 items lol. The alternatives to such a system could go in a few directions. One method includes capping stats (which may already occur, I didn't check or notice it yet) and another method could include decreasing the spawn rate of items that could potentially be "tactically abused" as more of them spawn into the game world. No worries though, this post was an attempt toward a little think tank thingy majiggy ;) Regarding the foil cards, once you obtain one, do you start every game with it or must you earn it each game? Unfortunately, because I am only level 20 my experience is limited and I have yet to survive a single game long enough to see even a level 30 tower. It'd be a shame to finally get one and then die the next wave without ever getting to utilize it. It'd be like intense gratification suddenly ripped away in a moment's time.

As soon as you earned the foil card you have it bound to your player profile. The plan is to have a trophy box with all your foil cards in the main menu. Also to have a new ladder where you can compete in terms of how many foil cards you already won :-D