about Horseman / Manitou / auto transmute

Hello! 1.May be is good idea if all Horseman creep always give the elements that I transmute and are not activated (example: I play Nature and Metropolis. First two Horseman give me Light and Darkness and I transmute them. After that I change my mind and will be nice if the next two Horseman also give me element potions (if I still did not activate them, or I dont have them in inventory because transmute them). I don't think that will be great advantage if all Horseman give me potions and I transmute them (if someone use them this way). Bonus idea: Also this idea can be combined with another one that now I remember... someone else give the idea when we play with one element and not use the other element potions then get 30% extra dmg total when all 4 Horseman are killed (if my memory not wrong). So eventualy this +dmg can be spread in 4 Horseman (example what % dmg they give one after another: +3%, +5%, +8%, +12%. Total +28% dmg after wave 200). It can be of another value, but still the player who uses only one element to have some additional benefit from such a "sacrifice". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also think that this can be used with the idea of a slight balancing between the elements. I mean there should be a difference in the percentage depending on which element the player uses. Therefore, it seems logical to me if Light receive bether dmg bonus. But on the other hand, if players ask "why do I get a different bonus for different elements?" I could not answer :) 2.Manitou - I there something that I miss because it seems to me that when this tower leveling up I don't recieve anything more than +2 multicrit in 3 range in the beginning when build this tower. If I don't miss anything then may be is good idea if the tower give +1 multicrit every 20 levels for example (in this case will not be useless to levelin up and take the exp which I need for my cary towers). 3.Auto transmute - very useful option :) to not do this manualy over and over againe. But... think will be good if with the time (acording to what tower drop I have) if I need to buid some tower that I already put on auto transmute option to be possibile turn off that option for that type of tower (or if this is hard to be made for every single tower... just to have option to turn off auto transmute for all towers) becouse has I understand this auto option is made to help me to not do all this job, so will be fair if I can turn it "OFF" like I did "ON". Or may be I can turn it "off" but I don't no how and you will explane to me? Edit: 4.When I play and click on stats icon I can see my level and some stats about the game that I play in the same time. Will be nice if you can put something more about the experience. There what I mean: I have line with two colors: yellow and purple. Also I can see the number of my level before starting this game in the moment. The yellow color indicates the experience gained in previous games. Purple shows the experience of the game at the moment. My idea is to see a yellow number under the bar showing me the experience I have gained in previous games. And below it to see a number with a purple color which shows my experience from the game at the moment. And also to have another purple number to show what level I am at the moment, gathering the experience of the previous and the current game. I know that in the end, when the game is over, the result will be seen, but it will still be nice if the player can follow these statistics even while playing. Especially if he plays for hours or days, it is good to have an idea of how much experience he has gained and what level he has already reached (because it is clear when you have reached one level higher when the purple fills the bar, but from there on the player is in full ignorance and no idea how many experience points he gained and levels he raised). 5.Is it possible to make a zoom option during the game? Because for some people with vision problems it is difficult to distinguish the small pictures that show what items are in the inventory of the towers and so that you do not have to look each time separately in each inventory to see what all the towers have. With a total zoom in and out, it would be very quick and easy to do this so that you don't have to do separate inspections of each tower countless times. Even with glasses, the eyes are sometimes blurred. Thanks! (I wrote this when I was at level 56)

1. The element potions can be saved if you aren't sure if you want to transmute. I don't expect that to change. The damage bonus for transmuting could be a good idea. 2. Manitou gains nothing from leveling because +2 multicrit is already very strong. Maybe an extra +1 at level 99 would work? He shouldn't be talking much xp because he doesn't do damage. 3. You can turn off auto-transmute. You go to the menu where you can see your current stats, then long-press on the type of card you want to change the auto-transmute for: tower, item, potion. You can also set the auto-transmute to save a couple copies of the card. 4. Do you mean you want it to show xp gained during the current game and other games? Right now, each game exists in its own world until it is finished. Maybe what you're talking about could work, but you can see the current level in the main menu of the game. 5. Zoom could be a good feature. Sometimes I wish I could zoom in or out a little. A device with a larger screen is another way to zoom.

Only for point number 2. I think that Manitou must have something when leveling up. The same is with all other towers that has no any change for bether when leveling. Allways when you leveling something you must gain some progress in the game stats, something must change to bether. Even if is minor. And yea... if Manitou get +1 on level 99 is bether than nothing... just is normal to gain something. (I wrote this when I was at level 60)

Agree with Ken that the Manitou problem seems useless when in the long run with 2 multi crits. @Andy please upgrade it to +2 multi crits lv20+1range lv40+10% crit chance lv60+20% crit dmg lv80+20% Atk/Spd lv99+1 multi crit It would be really nice and satisfy when you replace Manitou lv99 after Ganesha

+2 multicrit is already good. If it was changed, it should be something like +1 multicrit (+1 multicrit/30 level). The problem is manitou doesn't have a way to kill enemies, so making him scale with levels is weird.

That's not really a problem. There are potions and items that can help with leveling.

Which would be wasted on him... Every level pot except unicorn tears is transmuted right away. You get the chance for more multicrit from them and you would need quite a lot of level pots to reach level 99 with him.

I see their point though: this would be another use for those potions. If you could get multicrit from leveling manitou, that would provide flexibility for wise dust or elephant tears. Although, the practical solution would be to find a way to level the tower that becomes manitou or find other ways to funnel xp into him.