Add custom bonus to more towers

I know several have suggested this before, but I wanted to organize the ideas here and hopefully make it easier to understand the request. Please reply with additional ideas or corrections. Also, I don't know how much work it would be to implement these ideas. If it's a few minutes per card, then it might be worth Andy's time. If it is much more than that, then maybe only the most useful ones should be displayed. I've broken the towers into groups with a decreasing priority level. Cards without "custom bonus" that should have a useful "custom bonus" Beaver - current stun chance Poison Frog - Poison damage % (similar to how solara has burn damage %) Herb Witch - Current speed bonus Elvis - current slow time Irish Pub - current damage bonus Money Bin - current gold bonus Scarface - average multi-attack. The average could be calculated from luck. Twisted Novice Wizard - Current chance for a good / bad spell. Small Spider - Current slow % Adventurer - current bonus item chance? Gargoyle - Current knockback chance / distance Guard - Guards in range or +base damage bonus Tinker - Current luck bonus Templar - same as guard Phoenix - Rebirth count Candle - Flying creep detour length. - if that isn't easy to show, then flying % damage bonus. King Arthur - same as guard Cards without "custom bonus" that could have one for fun or tracking a statistic Beaver - Total stun time Scientist - xp earned Pickpocket - gold stolen Scarface - highest multi-attack Black Widow - Number of seduction kills or number of bonus items found - if that is possible to determine. Miss Jilly - Number of creeps killed with DBT. Twisted Novice Wizard - total spells cast good / bad. Dark Forge - number of items forged Adventurer - number of bonus items found? - if there's a way to track them. Rainbow Unicorn - Creeps impaled or rounds survived Cards without "custom bonus" but that shouldn't have one. Dandelion - n/a Ganesha - n/a Manitou - n/a Yggdrasil - n/a Hitman - n/a Blofeld - n/a Acolyte of greed - goblins spawned? Dark Lucifer - n/a - unless chain number is allowed to grow, then it could be current chain attacks Training Hologram - Total shared xp? Snow Globe - n/a Lucifer - n/a For reference, below are the cards with "custom bonus" Baby Rabbit - number of carrots Wolf - role in pack Huli - Bananas eaten Bear Hunter - number of traps set Holgar the Horrible - Number of mead consumed Balu the Bear - Cuddles Electric Chair - Chain attacks Muli - liquor consumed Mr. Iron - construction time Stonecutter temple - Members (maybe total member level would be nice instead?) Scarecrow - number of crows Shadow - Adapt % Gib, the frozen daemon - max stacks (I think?) Solara - burn damage% The Ripper - thirsts Knusperhexe - mass creeps eaten Abyss King - Army size

Yep I’m all for the first list. But it would be nice to have number of wolf levels on the Wolf Alpha. This would make it easier to see where his power comes from ( potions or pack)