admin email?

I got an email asking to accept our deny someone's comment. This is it. A new pingback on the post "My endless wave game. " is waiting for your approval https://mazebert.com/forums/topic/my-endless-wave-game/ Website : Endless mode impressions | Mazebert TD (IP: ,www265.your-server.de) URL    : https://mazebert.com/2014/01/30/endless-mode-impressions/ Pingback excerpt:  […] Dodging Rain posted his endless mode experience with Bear Hunter, a fabulous readthrough. The screenshots after 1000 waves simply kick […] Approve it: https://mazebert.com/wp-admin/comment.php?action=approve&c=31118 Trash it: https://mazebert.com/wp-admin/comment.php?action=trash&c=31118 Spam it: https://mazebert.com/wp-admin/comment.php?action=spam&c=31118 Currently 1 comment is waiting for approval. Please visit the moderation panel: https://mazebert.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php?comment_status=moderated

Ahh, this is so wordpress! Probably because I posted a link to a forum topic that you created. Still, it's kind of weird that you get this notification..