Android Phone Compatibility

Good Day, since the PC platform is no longer supported i have to play Mazebert TD on my Phone. This is a HUAWEI Y330-U01 with Android version 4.2.2. Unfortunately it says Mazebert TD is not compatible with my device/version - that is very sad. I have not much experience with smartphones - is there anything I can do to make it compatible? Is it a matter of a compatibility list in the store? I would think the hardware of my phone should be enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated. kr deShoe

Hi @deShoe! That's unfortunate! At least the Android OS 4.2.2 meets the system requirements. The hardware looks solid, too! In the list of allowed devices I ticket all of them in Google Play Store. Will start to research why your specific device won't work. But it will probably take until after Christmas as there's a lot of family to visit for me in the next days ;-) Sorry for that! In the meantime, does the store give you some kind of error code to that message?

"Your device isn't compatible with this version" - sadly no error code - no exact reason ... (via PC its the same - "This item is not compatible with your device")

SOLVED: I was finally able to install the game on my phone by downloading the .apk file via PC and then installing the game manually from sd card on the phone.

Glad that it worked out for you this way. Not sure why Google Play didn't let you install the game in the first place then. Thanks for sharing your solution and have fun with the game :-)