App Crash during Android update

I was running a game today and then my phone decided to autoupdate the app. Soon my phone froze and restarted. I don't think this was the apps fault, but all I know is the app is wiped and I lost my Ladder Login and I don't know how to recover my savecode. I can blame my phone for the other stuff, but can I get help figuring out how to get my savecode back?

Ah I just saw that you posted in the forum, too. Sure thing, and sorry for the inconvenience! Can you send me a mail to andy at mazebert dot com? I will look up your savecode in the database. I just need the name you play with. Hint: A good option to keep your savecode on a save place is to add it to your forum profile (the key will be only visible to you).

I am sure you are already on top of a more robust save profile system. I wish it was as easy as using the wordpress credentials here on the app, but I digress. I love the updates so I am not too sad.