Attack Priority

I know that this has been suggested about 5 years ago but game really needs an attack priority option for towers. I spent 5 days getting a Muli to 4,577,527% CritD, 18 MultiC, 1.5T DPS. After only 600 seconds into bonus I lost because he kept attacking last one in range letting ones already in range during his drunkeness pass.

Oh no, that's awful! I feel with you man. What a insane Huli, though! I assume Blood Demon's Blade, too? I've implemented such a feature in June, but haven't included it in a release yet, because it had the potential to make game files significantly larger and storage on my server is a bit limited. However, I switched game storage this week to Backblaze B2 cloud storage, so now the above concern doesn't hold anymore. The server is now prepared to manage billions of games :-D I'm going to target the attack priority feature for the version in June, that merges RoC back to standard.

Well there are certainly strategies to compensate for this.(reaver, trident, mjollnir, gargoyle, jilly) This feature is just useful for bonus round I think and I feel it is not in the spirit of the game.... How large are the save files anyway?

Right, I remember when testing this feature, it made the game feel a bit more stressful than now. On the other hand, you'd only use it in situations that are stressful already, e.g. close to leaking ;-) I think it's worth trying. @Kami the average size of a completed game is 4kb at the moment.

Actually I didn't use the Blood Demons Blade. I didn't set up for it.

Attack priority can definitely make things more hectic, simply by virtue of adding yet another thing to keep track of in the moment. It seems like such a simple thing to be able to switch each tower's targeting bias, but it turns into a micromanagement nightmare, especially for new players who haven't learned how all of the towers function best. The main difference I see between Mazebert and other TD games is the specificity of each tower's mechanics, and like Kami mentioned, being able to change the attack priorities doesn't fit the spirit of the game. That option is better suited to a game like Bloons TD or Infinitode, where multiple creep types are mixed together in each wave. On the other hand, you could reach a compromise by introducing new tower types for each element that focus on a specific attack priority. The key is in limiting the options to keep each element's playstyle distinctive. Off the top of my head, you could make new towers that attack creeps closest to or furthest from the spawn point, or creeps with health lesser or greater than a certain percentage. This way you could set up tower placements where one tower softens up creeps before letting another one finish them off, possibly leading to a conditional bonus, or you could even make new creep types that buff the others if they are overkilled by a certain percentage. Yet another idea is making gear/potions that alter a tower's behavior. I feel like that would be a better fit than trying to tack on a way to toggle attack priority and potentially cluttering up the screen with a menu or overcomplicating the user interface.

I like the idea of adding an item like that. Like a blue-tier item that sets a priority type and a matching bonus. Or something like the frozen set and make it target the fastest creep so that the slow is spread over the whole wave. Hmm. The hard part is that usually the first creep is a good creep to target. Goblin, Necronomicon and rushed waves complicate things. Then it's usually the creep that's closest to the end that's good to target.