Baby Rabbit Bug?

Hey guys, first time poster here. It seems when I quit a game after leveling my Baby Rabbit to 16 and higher, I lose my third hit when resuming. It seems to last until I level again or swap to another card then back to Baby Rabbit. Can anyone else replicate this?

Thanks for reporting this issue! This is a known bug and its on my list for the next release. What troubles me a bit is the fact that I already did a fix for it and by looking at the code it looks like that the issue should still be fixed. Gonna need to do a little testing when I tackle the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience, I know this issue can be quite nasty :-/

same problem with chair... and maybe scarecrow since it his a similar mechanic (i never use crow so im not sure)

Yes :-) I finally fixed the issue yesterday. It really was my bad, because my initial fix was not working.