Beaver tweak

Statistically Jilly is the better stunner on lvl 99 compared to beaver. And Jilly has instant kill which makes it very good and gives beaver only a niche when you want to stun non bosses. Just wanted to make you consider a tweak there.

i has been thinking this aswell! a lvl 99 beaver is just as useful as a lvl 1 beaver so there is no point in leveling up a beaver, kinda sucks just wasting 98 lvls worth of xp..

Should we open up this thread to suggestions then?

i dunno about what other options there is but to either increase stun time or stun chance by a tiny bit per lvl?

An ability: Beaver Dam - Any Creeps within range of a Beaver tower are stunned for 4 seconds (100 second, global cooldown). Either that, or give Beavers a group effect, so that one Beaver is inferior to Miss Jilly, but ten Beavers are better than ten Miss Jillys.

pretty cool idea i liked the group effect =)

Thanks, I thought it would help fit with the Nature deck, which tends to have a more group style of play.