Best Hit Bug

I know it's not a major bug. So I've noticed that the Best Hit seems to cap out or my current game is glitched. I'll give you an example: Tower: Blofeld Lvl: 99 Best Hit: 1.8 B Dmg Dealt: 6757.8 B Creeps Crushed: 8.419 Base Dmg: 66.176 - 99.265 Dog Add: +2675.6% Crit Dmg: +4756.6% Crit Chance: +739.3% Multicrit: +6 Avg Dmg: 2.4 B Base Cool down: s2 Atk Speed Add: +1394.3× Cool down: 0.1s Item Chance/quality: +3214% Gold Chance: 0% Luck: 10% Exp: 10% I've been watching my crit hits and have seen as high as 6.452 B. Even the Avg. Dmg is over the 1.8 B that is being tracked. So I know the Best Hit should be at least 6.5 B and not the 1.8 B that shows. This seems to have happened around wave 500ish. Now I'm not able to confirm if it happens to any other towers as well. If I could figure out how to upload a pic of the tower from my phone, you'd see the stats shown above. Keep up the great work mastermind.