black market request

OK I have been playing mazebert since the beginning and absolutely love the game, BUT I have not been lucky enough to get seelenreisser. Any chance of it being added to the black market?

Hi! That is right, with the introduction of black market, it is a bit weird that one item (Seelenreisser) is available as expert card, while all other legendary items are obtainable through the black market. An idea would be to have all legendary items available on the black market and expert cards through the forge only towers/potions... Any thoughts about this from the community?

It's an option, yeah. I don't mind the current system as is. If anything, I'd like to see the Black Market become more of a "safe bet" (Show me what I'm buying each week), while the forge is for gamblers (Could make something amazing, could make my 348743549764357th Golden Potion of Speed.

While a lot oft people complain that black market had no daggers in ages. I thought maybe a weighted random Function would be reasonable. Just as a stupid on the fly example. Every item starts with a Weight of 100. Every Week the Weight of every item increases by 1. When the item is picked weight decreases by number of items. The probability of a pick would be weight ÷ 100 ÷ number of items. This would adapt quite slowly so maybe something like 10 * number of items would be better than 100. But this is just a suggestion and maybe there are better algorithms for this. PS I hate writing with a Smartphone.