Black Screen after new version

Hey, Since the last update sometimes when i want to go back to title screen, i only have a black screen. Have to close the app and reopen it. Nothing big, but it might be helpful. :-) Android, Galaxy Note3

Thanks for reporting this bug. I experienced it myself a few times already and other users did so, too. Not yet sure what's the cause for it, but its on my list. Will be fixed in the next release.

Yeah, happened to me, too. SGS4

Well, by now it is really annoying to wait until the game "crashes" everytime i end a game and wanna start a new one, blackscreen, and it is not gone by simply end app and start again.. i have to wait sometimes hours until is works again.. HTC One XL

It works instantly if you empty your RAM on your smartphone. Same problem on windows too.

I'm really sorry for this issue. It's on my top priority list for the next release. Until now I thought this is just annoying, but there's a workaround by restarting the app. I didn't think of that on older Android versions it is not possible to close a specific app. :-( @Cupido Nice workaround for android devices that do not allow to force close a specific app!