Blackscreen when leaving bonus round

Exiting the game to Main menu in the bonus round by the in game buttons got me a black screen 2 times now. I am using Android.

Okay this seems not to be related to bonus round. It occours reproducable when i use the 6th item slot which i Gain by the New set. I havent tried it without the skill for the 5th slot yet.

Thanks Kami! I had a similar issue before I released the version, which I fixed. I guess what you noticed is a derivation of this bug. Is it possible to resume the game afterwards? Is the inventory still good? Or is the savegame corrupted? PS: I filed a ticket to include a fix for this in the upcoming bugfix release.

I tried it a few more times and could NOT reproduce it. It seems something else is also responsible. I can continue the game normaly when this occured by killing the task und restarting the game. Else I stay on the blackscreen

I experienced the issue today, while improving the wedding rings. The problem was recycling a label into an already disposed pool. This sounds pretty much like what you describe, also it explains why it was so hard to reproduce! I fixed the pool issue and move the ticket to claim fixed for now ;-)