Blade of Radiance

What do you think of this card? This gives both burn and slow effects. Has tower specific effects and has debuff for nearby towers so that item doesn't become too OP. I used my poor photoshop skills to come up with this card design lol. We can change various values here to further balance this card. I've kept the debuffs related to lore. This is just for explanation. Not definite. Like light towers due to being pure has maximum effectiveness but the light is too bright for their allies so they miss their shots. Since darkness is opposite they gain only additional damage buffs but their allies lose damage output due to curse of light. Nature being neutral gain multicrit boost but their allies lose speed due to excessive radiance. Metro towers being materialistic gain all the material bonus from sword while their allies lose these same benefits as there are side effects of too much materialsm I hope you like the card.

Move this to card ideas pls... I forgot where I was posting lol

Sounds really nice.

Interesting concept. I think it might be a bit too complicated and powerful. The burn damage should work like Phoenix?

@Kami.... Yes like phoenix.... And about being OP i know.... That's why we can discuss how to nerf it. Plus i just made up a rough concept... Changes and suggestions are appreciated. My original aim was to have a tower specefic weapon. We have such weapon already. One thing we can do is change it from 0.2 per level to 0.1. Other to reduce complexity we can reduce the text and maybe come up with some other debuffs. We can also keep either burn or either slow property... We can also reduce range from 3 to 2 tiles....I mean possibilities are endless.. What do you think?