Bonus round hangs after 1.1.3 update

Title says it all. It's happened twice to me. Bonus round goes for about four seconds, then hangs. Happened on two different devices.

Hi thanks for reporting. I got a few reports saying this already. Unfortunately I can't reproduce it on my end. A theory is that it might be related to the bonus round quest. Do you currently have an active bonus round quest in your game?

Update: There is problem in the current version with the bonus round quest. When you have this quest and complete it during the bonus round, the game will freeze and eventually crash. The following temporaray workaround should do the trick: – Restart Mazebert TD – The quest should now be marked as completed – You should now be able to continue your bonus round game I already created a hotfix version 1.1.4 that is uploading to the Play Store this moment.