Bonus Round Score Didn't Register

I just put up a 22000+ second round on Twisted Paths but it didn't register. I did everything like I normally do but no dice which is a pity because it takes me days to put up a score like that. I also noticed that two bosses inexplicably warped from the second tile of the path all the way to the finish during the regular game. I wasn't using any novice wizards either. This game continues to rule. You've done a great job with all of this Andy. Thanks!

Hey there! Maybe at the time you completed the bonus round, your internet connection wasn't available to upload the score? If this is the case, the game stores the data of the bonus survival request locally and tries to re-send it when the main menu is opened and the game synchronizes with the server. Could you give this a try? Would be great if you let me know if this helped. And thanks for the kind words, sir!