So I found a bug, it consist on some of my towers attacking some invisible enemy. They kept doing that as they have nothing else to do, lol. Also, I've been experiencing the healing attack, in fact whenever mr. Iron was attacking a challenge or the Horseman it would do -900.000. And here's something odd I suppose.. It was definitely healing all enemies. I put the Axe on him to see if he would deal some massive damage but he healed 'em all, leaving my Shadow alone. I had to replace it with Blofeld. But hey, it's nice to say goodbye to plenty of Unique items such as Helm of Hades, Mummy's Bandages and almost every unique item, without considering the tons of items of different variety spent on him. Well fuck! I got a 9900+ seconds bonus run and the game stopped resulting a lost of save so there it goes my run and my best score. Goddangit I'm pissed. >:(

Sorry for that Manu! I filed two bugs for version 0.9.3: - Towers attack invisible enemy (0000295) // Not sure if I can reproduce and fix this one :-D - Fix healing attack problem with Knusperhexe/Cactus combo (0000296) Do you still remember if in your case there was Knusperhexe + Cactus items on Mr Iron involved? Cheers!

Mr. Iron, I usually put the time set and lucky pants/ Hades on Knus. No big deal. :)