[Bug] Game freezing (randomly?)

so I'm on my second game where this is an issues (still this version). Game freezes forces me to re-open the game and also didn't save the last several things i did (tower build/item change) - not sure if that is common with all freezes or might be a clue. Both games was fine until the bonus round (500wave). But I don't build Knusper tell bonus rounds, this and just fooling around with taking away knusper's attack speed/luck makes me feel like she is related to the freezing. Read a comment in the replys to recent patch that sounded like they had same issue - but didnt see their post here. my most recent game having more issues then the first game - knuspers position is different, has to go diagonal to dump the revive creep (related?). Both games on Blood-moor. both games all three elements present. Will post Screen shot when I get chance.