bug in the last roundº

Andy, There is a bug in the last round in all game modes (200, 300 and 500 waves). In the last round if you kill the horse before killing all other creeps you dont win the game and bonus round does not start. It has happened to me 3 times using acolites i killed the horse with some goblins left.

Thanks MENTOR for reporting this issue. I added a ticket for it, will try to reproduce and fix for the next release. Really sorry, you didn't make it to bonus round man! That really sucks.

Hey! I tried to reproduce the issue. Here, if I kill the horseman with goblins still around, the game doesn't complete. But as soon as I kill the last goblin / or the last goblin hits my base the game completes. I think this is the expected behavior. Did your game complete once all goblins were gone? Or did I oversee something? Thanks for your help!