[BUG] IRISH PUB Important

Hello Andy, I found an huge bug on the Irish Pub that should be hotfix... This bug allow you to have over nine thousand damage bonus QQ. So I prefer to PM you on facebook, to avoid some exploit ;)

Andy doesn't care, can you please share the unique strategy with all of us so we can all do it.

Calm down, @Bombdigie. Andy has a lot of stuff to do with the next bugfix/version/something like that. And it is possible that Andy has already dealt with this.

Would also just like to add that Andy has a life outside of Mazebert TD. He can't reply to every forum post and solve every issue straight away. Be patient.

Jup, this is on my list for 0.10 Thanks again Sarore for reporting it!

I found one! while St. Paddy day is still active and replaced all "Irish Pub" towers, All towers are still green and the effect remained until new game (after getting defeated at bonus round @ 500 waves). Replacing green towers removes the effect :D and could I request for a timer shown when activated? Thank you

Thanks for the report niXful. I created a ticket for it and will test if this is still the case in 0.10.0. Cheers! EDIT: It still applies :-) Thank you sir, I now fixed it!