[bug] Mr.Iron can heal monsters

Hello, while my playrun I start to see that my own tower start healing creep. I was thinking that I couldn't win and then i try to understand. In fact, when you're using knusperhexe you're decreasing the armor to a negative ammount. And so the dried cactus (who penetrate +15% armor), stacking at X% (maybe 100) makes your tower to deal negative ammount of dommage to the opposant. I don't really know what kind of bugs makes it but I thought it should be good to warn :)

The same thing happened to me. I took pictures of it.


To calcel this bug, you will have to sell your knusperhexe. OR you don't use anymore dried cactus

I've also had this happen. It's definitely some interaction with the Knusperhexe, but interestingly it's not a 100% of the time thing... except against bosses/challenges, where it seems to be much more reliable for some reason. "Fixed" it in my save by building over my Knusperhexe. I wonder if it would be possible to trigger this bug with towers other than Mr Iron?

I filed a ticket for this - Fix healing attack problem with Knusperhexe/Cactus combo (0000296) Target milestone is 0.9.3! Thanks for reporting and your investigation :-)