Bug with non golden items in golden grounds

If you try to equip a non-golden item card in the golden grounds, it will pop up a message saying this item is useless. If you hit okay, and then immediately swipe the item upwards, the item will remain in your inventory, and the game will be frozen. (Cannot exit, swipe, etc)

Ive noticed this aswell

me too, also a few minor bug in golden grounds, this is my first play in golden so i haven't seen it much yet but i have seen after i pause the game and go in inventory the game unpauses and continue on even if im in inventory, and when i go out the map is black ecxept a few green pixles here and there, and i had to go in inventory and back to undo the blackscreen so it wasn't a gamekilling bug only shocking when in inventory and i hear my towers killing creeps =) i think i found another minor bug but it was so minor i have forgotten what it was before i could write it down xD i come back if i remember or find it again

Thanks for the reports guys. I filed a ticket for this bug. Due for version 1.1!