Buggy card forge

Lost over ~100 hundred relics :C When dragging the relic to the forge zone sometimes more than 1 sets of 20 relic goes missing... Edit: reduction happens after 1 card forged

So you wanted to forge one card, but in the end you forged 5? Did you receive five new cards? Do you remember the exact steps you did to make it happen? Also, how good was your internet connection when this happens? Thanks for reporting!

Hi thanks for responding \o/, I believe it may be partly cuz im impatient, but other than that, my internet is pretty good I guess. Sometimes after the card pop out I tapped/swiped the forged card multiple times (to dismiss and start the next one) and that additional charges happens. (despite all the extra relic consumed, only 1 card was forged) My first encounter is when I had bad latency on my wifi and after dragging relic to forge zone, transaction resolving, there were enough time to drag the relic out of the box and back in, that was the first time I lost 40 relics XD, also when I know I should not do that. Overall my guess of the problem atm is, the relic forge zone wasnt disabled for interaction after initiating transaction. Cheers \o/

Are you sure you did not receive any cards? Bacause the whole transaction relic -> card is running on the server and the server is doing this in a all or nothing kind of style. So if you go went back to the main menu and the relics there (after sync) were actually decreased too much, you should have received cards in the 'my cards' section.

Oooo your right, just tried out with 80 relics, only 1 card show up on "display", but the "my cards" including trade duplicates tallies, accidentally rolled a cape of spectre too haha I guess case closed? Haha Also to replicate this "multiple use", during the forge process (with the tiny circle spinning), Drag a set to the forge zone While the sync continues, tap the forge zone again, the relic count on bottom right will decrease accordingly Anyway, thanks again \o/