[BUGREPORT] - Load game, not towers, items or potions

Hello all people, first post here. I'm an old player, from the shadows. Now I found a bug, and I have the savegame in my phone. I dont know how to extract the savegame, or a logfile but, if some of you give me some help on this, I can post it here for the evidence. I dont know exactly how this happened but, I was playing, in my phone and run low in battery, I deactivate the power saving mode, I played a little more and exit the game (In the bad way, not from game menu, but never happened this before). Some time later, I enter to the game, resume the game and found this things: 0 towers in the map Only the items what I left in the inventory (The same with the potions and towers) In the statistics, damage, best hit and kills with values "none" (Now i have data, because i put a tower) Gold farmed: 598.878 Damage dealt: 15.7M Creeps crushed: 1.457 Round: 158/400 Dificulty: Normal (I think) Map: The first one, i dont remember the name This is my phone: Motorola Moto G 2nd generation (XT1040) Android 5.1 Comp: LPBS23.13-35.5-1 Latest update installed (I dont remember the exact date, but was in the last month for sure) Dev, anything I can do, please let me know. PS: I'm a guy from Argentina, so, sorry for my english, its not very good.

Had the exactly same problem. Savegame was overwritten already, so any way I can't give it for evidence. But here some facts: 0 towers in the map (same as Author) Only the items what I left in the inventory (same as Author) In the statistics, damage, best hit and kills with values “none” (same as Author) Round: about 450+/500 (but less than 480) Dificulty: Hard Map: The first one (same as Author) Bug occurred after exiting the game using the phone "launcher" (android), not the game menu. This is my phone: ASUS Zenphone 2 Laser ZE550KL Android 5.1 (Rooted) (No "Game Hacks" used or tried.) P.S. I'm also apologize for my english (I'm from Russia), an lots of copypaste from Magus's message.

I must say, the save game was overwritten, but I start a new game, exit in the same way (via Phone Launcher), and 0 towers, none stats, etc... etc... I have this savegame now, but really, I want to play D:

no towers it happended to me twice