Running on galaxy s4 (Not rooted) up to date. 1: switching to a baby rabbit from another tower thats over level 16 doesnt grant the third carrot until the tower levels again. Is that a design choice? I imagine the same thing occurs with the electric chair. 2: Beavers dont actually stun for 2 seconds. They simply switch to the stun animation amd continue running right after. The same thing occurs when mobs slip on a banana. 3: Mobs dont slow to normal walking speed after hasted by elvis. I've tested this a little bit and it doesnt seem that the haste stacks when slowed/hasted multiple times but it definitely appears that the mobs never walk normal again. Dunno if any are actually bugs but I felt it was worth checking on.

Yep, there is already a ticket for #1, its planned to be fixed in the next version! Number #2 is actually a todo since version 0.1 ^^ Unfortunately this is rotting in the backlog quite heavily. About #3... I thought this a few times as well, and double checked the code a few times. But I couldn't find any flaws there yet. Anyways, I added a new ticket to the backlog. Hopefully targeting 0.8!!

Ah perhaps ive missed it but do you have a live list of known bugs and todos? That could save some time and forum posts :) As for number 3... it could be an optical illusion.. the best way to check is to change it to 100% haste in your sandbox. Haha youll defitely notice.

There is my mantis bugtracker, but it is not visible to everyone. Main reason is that I use it not only for bug reports, but also for sprint/feature planning. So there are always some tickets I'm working on I do not share on the dev blog. Mainly to have some suprises in the release left for you :-) But I can add you access as a bug reporter to mantis, if you want! Would be an honor :-)

That my friend would be more of an honor for me. I foresee a great success for you and I'd like nothing more than to assist you in your success! I've left all of my gaming communities and no longer develop personally. I miss it these days and this feels like a nice place to jump back into a community :)

Hey, that sounds familiar :-) I just finished today's work, so sorry for the late reply. I added you to mantis (with the e-mail adress you used for registration on the forum). Could you check if you received a confirmation mail?

Thats fine im still at work for a few hours anyway. Got the email, all verified and signed in. Im currently researching a few things which may end up in your list soon enough ;)


Going further off topic lol.... shoot me an email (at the forum registered address) when you get a chance. I got a few fix ideas for ya

I just did!