1. Dupe any item just by double-tapping it, while item is equipped. 2. Wave freeze by exiting from game while there is 5-sec timeout between waves All these shadows with 500000%, Balu with 200000 atk, and 100k sec survival are made by exploiting these bugs, i think. btw, game are pretty stable, Andy :) I checkd, game runs more then 3 days in freese mode. While waves are feesed, goblins from dungeon door are still runs every 90 sec with scepeter, so about 1000 goblins with loot in day and huge amount of shadow damage increase.

Hey gamer, thanks for reporting! Number 2 is already on my list of things to fix for version 1.1. Can't reproduce the item dupe issue though, any more specific instructions? Are you playing on iOS or Android? Cheers!

I play on ipad 2 (ios), and need really fast double tap to reproduce issue. On android device i can not reproduce issue.

Thanks for the info!