Can't finish quest Strike Machine?

Have anyone finished quest Strike Machine? I play the dude many times and killed some creeps, but the quest remained 0/5.

Sorry, I misunderstand the quest. The Dude is powerful.

Did you roll a few strikes then? Also have you ever thought about recording a video of doing such an incredible bonus round score? Would really love to see how far this game can be pushed :-D Cheers!

New version new strategy, things even become more boring, all we can do is to kill creeps in Abyss King's range and let Knus eat more creeps, more like a wait-and-see game. Shadow needs no luck any more, old tricks for more adapt are gone now.

Cola, so you still used shadow for your final time? Would you mind making a post about it?

I am still trying diffrent strategy. I think finding many posibility is the fun of this game, I like to discuss tower or item, people will find his own way to play. As I said before, there will be a best tower in this game, weakening the best tower is not the only way for balance. Hope to see more buff on other towers, that will make more posibility to play.