Card and Potion Levels, Combining.

Unification is power. That is common knowledge. People gather to form lodges, charities, armies, countries in order to gain more power. Animals form packs to strengthen their power, to hunt, to protect. We have a lot of cards and potions and towers in the game. We can use only a limited number of them. We can't do anything with them due to limited inventory and/or space problems. For items we can try Horadric cube for upgrades. But that too is limited to a certain amount of tries. We keep getting the same items in the end. Instead of this, can't we have a system like upgrading? Like use five level 1 cards/potions/towers to get a level 2 card. Use another 5 for a level 3. It goes on like this. Maybe we can use more powerful items/towers/potions if we combine. Can this be done? Is it OK for the game concept in your head? (:

Interesting idea. In the next sprint one of the big topics is going to be the new card deck system. An idea was to integrate the trading of cards directly into the UI of the game. Your crafting suggestion sounds interesting. However, I'm wondering how a level 2 baby sword card would look like, or a level 2 card of a dandelion. I fear this could be pretty hard to balance.

The looks might be the same. The stats on the other hand might improve. And as the levels progress it might gain one more unique function in the end. An idea up for brainstorming :D