Challenge: A new map

You can post your suggestions for a new map in this thread :-) More about the challenge here.

This challenge sounds cool, but I just wanted to say, with your example one, shouldn't the map have been diagonal? Like the current map looks like this: http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l332/Warlemming/MapLayout_zps02a42cc0.png http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l332/Warlemming/MapLayout2_zpse7aaeb38.png Where the red line is where the screen cuts off the edges If you're gonna be changing the width of the map, fair enough. If not, I'll include this blank slate for people who want to make their own map, I will probably be uploading my own. http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l332/Warlemming/BlankMap_zps6edbb7cd.png

Here's my Challenge Entry!

Yeah! Awesome suggestions @Warlemming and @syotos! Btw. thanks for the revised diagonal layout, @Warlemming, will put your template in a new blog post to help other players.

and since most people are crazy over electric/iron man, i thought of the ohm symbol. Ohm so here's the map, Legend: Blue= water. nothing Grey = creep path Darkgreen/ green = land / land or water black line = creep path pink line = air creep path (land) land (air) air

http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l332/Warlemming/Map_zps59675bae.png One of my biggest problems I've always had is the inability to use a short range carry. With that single tile at the start, you can take a risk by not being able to use Cauldron etc next to it, but it opens up a lot of alternate towers like the Frog.

Map OP... Spot for knus and shadow with 2 supps... But i like it =)

what about 2 exits ? or spawns

That could be awesome! If our beloved Andy can make it possible to choose between maps, it could be another solution for being able to choose between the easier but less rewarding map and harder but more rewarding map. I think that if the only map has two spawns or exits the map can be too hard for beginners, and there are less than 500(?) people on "higher" levels (correct me if I'm wrong). Got to get to desing a map, but my fianceƩ is quite strict about me and computers and maybe even more with GAMES.

I like the idea of being able to choose which map to play, if that becomes an option I think the replayability of Mazebert would be increased.

http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l332/Warlemming/TwoSidemap_zpsb64cf78e.png Jhoijhoi poked me to make a mirror map. Enemies start at both ends and make their way to the middle. I'd rather they not have to make it to the opposite end, because it defeats the purpose of having to build either on both ends or the middle, since you could just build on one end and have them come all the way over.

Since I was absent for half a year I am sorry if this topic was mentioned before but: I propose a "new" concept!!!! I really like circle TDs soo: A circle as map!! After a set amount of creeps in the circle (dunno maybe 20 or smth) you lose 1% hp for each creep > the limit/per sec. Creep waves spawn with a set timer and not after finishing a wave Or just a time limit to kill the creeps (hp lost ~ creep type)

Interesting concept, DerpMinh :-)