Changelog 0.10

Planned changes for version 0.10. I will update this post over time.

Closed tickets

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I suggest that you will also change a bit of those drop rates for the Impatience's Wrath -set. I get a lot of Stressful Wristwatches and Unrelenting Forces, but no Last Train of the Days. Those Wristwatches are common, I understand their drop rate, but Last Trains are uncommon, yet not dropping almost at all. I won my last game, and I had like 20 Wristwatches and 15 Unrelenting Forces, but not a single Last Train of the Day. Thank you.

As a new player to this game, I initially had trouble figuring out the range of towers. Clicking on the tower highlighted the background green - this was unfortunate as my first tower happened to be Hitman ^^ My suggestion would be to change the colour of the range indicator and perhaps add a glowing border so it's obvious how far the tower can target. Additionally, the option to build a free "range checker" would be excellent - as the map is in tiles and most of the range attributes are locked to "fields", it can be hard to visualise the tower's range. The tutorial should also explain card attributes. So when buying the Bunny, an arrow should appear next to the range value and tell you the range etc. Some attributes (gender) probably don't need explaining. A warning when you click the sell button... I know it's double click to sell, but it's essentially destroying a tower exactly the same as that potion, which has a warning message. The transmutation orbs aren't very obvious. A heavy outline/decoration would make it more noticeable when you discard a card. Which brings me to the tearing card visual effect; I honestly thought I was destroying a card the first few times I did this as I didn't play the tutorial with my first run. Perhaps a different effect could be used that doesn't scare people? :P Lastly, an information/help panel/icon would be great. This info panel would tell you which types are effective against what. It'd also be nice if you could view the statistics of the current creep wave. For example, when on the map screen, perhaps you can swipe to the right to see a detailed information list. You could give creeps names that way too. All in all, great game! Would pay money to see you develop a multiplayer YouTD version! EDIT: As there are no unique aura effects, you can stack towers. Could this limit gameplay strategies? For instance building a whole field of Herb Witches to make your main's attack speed obscenely strong. Or perhaps having no unique auras makes the game more interesting :3

@Dragoneses I fear the abscence of Last Train was merely bad luck, the chance for it to drop is there, but with an increasing amount of items it gets hard to see all available items in a single game right now. Maybe I'm getting closer to that point where I need to redesign the drop system, maybe such as the smart drops in Diablo 3. But I'm quite afraid for this day to come, as it won't be easy! :-D @jhoijhoi Great input! Love the idea with swiping to the left/right on the map to get some extra game information. Hopefully I can implement some of the ideas in one of the next versions! Also, the unique aura effects confused me a lot when I started with YouTD, that was one of the reasons I implemented it the current way in Mazebert. But you're right - it's a bit harder to balance right now. I hope this will even out eventually with more and more attractive support towers getting added to the game.

The info/creep wave panel alone would be a great addition for number crunchers ^^ Am looking forward to the next version and what you change/add. With regards to purple items, towers and potions - they only drop once. This makes sense for the potions that blow up all creeps on the map/give you life points based on tower level, but it means once you get Knux for example, you can't get her again. This seems limiting, especially if you make the mistake of placing her in a bad position - you can't just hope to get another one to replace her. (Part of the fun with running Darkness in YouTD was securing multiple Krakens for the lulz :P) Also, due to the purples only appearing once, you can't transmute them into themselves. Personally, I'd rather gamble trasmuting two purples for one, especially when I have "dead" (unwanted/unused) towers in my deck. I can see why it'd be broken to have two of a purple item/tower/potion, but it would make the game more fun, in my opinion. Lastly, I really do wish there were more types/classes. I know there is only 3 due to limited tower choices at the moment, but I feel it'd make the game more fun/interesting/rewarding if there were more classes (astral/light?). With regards to visual aesthetics, it'd also be nice if the class tower cards were different colours. Darkness cards are darker, but Nature cards could have a green tinge, for example. Still love the game ^^

Andy, Maybe that new map idea I sent you?

Good call on that. After the tower poll before last release I wanted to start a map poll, but somehow the wave master / bonus round discussion crossed that plan :-D But I haven't forgotten about it! As soon as I got that bugfix release out, I will start focusing on the map feature! Cheers :-)

One thing I've noticed about the purple towers is that they can't be transmuted - which means that if you get one you're not intending to use (which happens a lot with so many of them being carries), it feels like you've been robbed of a useful tower drop, since at the worst every other tower is some fraction of an item. It seems backwards to be upset that you got a tower of the highest rarity.

Bring back wave master..200 ends is boring now and bonus round is a completely different mind set. I've built my towers many times that could wipe out wave after wave..but with bonus round needs more aoe..slows etc. Basically when I get to 200 I have to switch out items..add towers etc for the bonus round. I'm just finding the game really boring now. I'm just still playing it from time to time waiting on wavemaster or something like dit...

As above, perhaps if you only want wave master to 500, do it in 5 steps 100-500. I'm finding the end game very random now going only to 200. Only got 1 of the wedding rings and 2 keys of wisdom this time around. Also there might need to be some slight scaling done on the levels creatures' effects kick in, with Gib it's very difficult to level it up to get an effective number of stacks with 200 levels. Your comments about the drop chance - is there a way to balance the drops coming out? Perhaps the more an item drops, the less the chance it has to drop compared to others? Other things that I haven't thought about in great detail but: A 3 item set that combines into one item once a certain condition has been met (number of kills? Time equipped?) much like the frozen set to get Gib. Like in Diablo, item(s) that degrade over time? So perhaps they start off very powerful (unique level) but drop down through the levels as they're used (but can be transmuted at any time). Some sort of air defence unit. It has a huge range (like hitman) but is the inverse of the bear hunter. It does 70% less damage (or something like that) to ground units but gets a nice bonus against air (like the longbow). If you want a truly Diablo type experience, perhaps allow gems to be put in some items, have them drop along with items and potions, allow them to be transmutable, but once a gem has gone in an item, it can't be removed! Make the gems similar to potions in their capabilities. If you transmute an item with gems in, you lose them! I'll see what other crazy ideas I can think of!

perhaps consumable drops in the bonus that buff a tower temporarily?

Really love this changelog discussion. Loads of good input!!

with the new update i think an option to shut off some graphic features would really help reduce lag for low end devices. having an impatience set on multiple towers towers with attack triggered effects can make effect display going bananas and therefore causing lags. This gets even worse with critical damage display, provided how easy to jack up the crit chance of mutltple towers at once with mr iron

- The autosave shall save the location of creeps as well. This will prevent a lot of exploits (0000072) How about the card transmuting auto save? Is there ladder reset. Because of this exploits?

No ladder reset planned so far! Only the bonus round ladder will reset.