Changelog 0.8

Planned changes for version 0.8. I will update this post over time.


- Loosing in the last round displays a "victory" and "lost" message (0000189) - Horadric cube transmutation can duplicate an item (0000185) - Horadric cube sometimes displays an item that no longer exists (0000186) - Protection of ladder experience and skill levels from memory attacks (0000184) - Fix stun duration and re-balance duration for stun towers (0000173) - The tutorial game should only be saved when towers dropped (0000191 -> 0.9) - The autosave shall save the location of creeps as well. This will prevent a lot of exploits (0000072 -> 0.9) - Blade of Darkness is unique and should drop only once (0000196 -> 0.9) - Duping of items will be fixed (0000206) - Add rarity information to set items (0000207) - Skipping waves changes spawn priority, queue creeps smoothly (0000217)


- Add 2 more uncommon aura towers so that Herb Witch is no longer the only choice (0000183 -> 0.9) - Muli gets a maximum banana cap of 999 (0000190) - Buff Wolf to 0.5% cc/2% cd (0000194) - Buff Scarecrow's strength factor from 0.5 to 0.6 (0000195) - Muli and Huli can no longer stun air creeps with their bananas (0000201) - When Muli wants to attack after shot(s) of banana liquor, he needs 2 seconds to reorientate and get sober again. Muli will only start drinking when he didn't attack for 1s. (0000202) - Horsemen must be nerfed, especially the last one is definitely too strong. They should be linearily scaled to the upcoming waves like Challenges and all other waves already do with success. (0000212) - Buff Holgar's strength factor from 0.77 to 0.89 (0000214)


- Add endless mode, it will be possible to access through a new player skill (0000149) - Implement Frozen (Vasuhn), Withered Set (Infinity) and Impatience’s Wrath (Mokhnaar) (0000211) - Implement Thomadins challenge reward: Essence of Wisdom (0000208) Note: Impatience’s Wrath set and some other issues will be moved to version 0.9. Sorry! Running out ouf time and I feel the amount of bugfixes, balancing adjustments and other goodies needs to be brought to you and can't wait any longer!

Thank you for the periodic updates!

Making progress with bugfixes/balancing :-) Have a look at the new Muli: mazebert-screenshot new-muli

Hello Andy, First post here. Absolutely love the game. Any idea when 0.8 is going live? Can't wait for the new content!

Hi Zavix, welcome on board :-) Hopefully the first 'friends & family' alpha will be released next week (not feature-complete!). For the public release of 0.8 it will probably take until mid of February, because right now I'm quite busy with work and another private project... Thanks for the heads up!

Welcome Zavix and Great progress Andy. I love the new Muli skill implementation and can't wait to try it out!

Thomadin's challenge reward, the Essence of Wisdom is done! The mighty Essence of Wisdom!

Frozen set is finally implemented. Say hello to Gib :-) gib

Impatience's Wrath delayed, how appropriate haha :) It will come even stronger!

Sure thing :-) Yeah I was smiling a little, when I wrote the above line. Heheh Looking forward to the set in version 0.9!!