Changelog 0.9

Version 0.9.0 released on Friday, 11th April:


- Blade of Darkness is unique and should drop only once (0000196) - The player experience must be displayed as an integer number (0000232) - Crash on some Android devices when StageText looses focus, must be fixed by Adobe in new SDK. Edit: Used flash text input workaround until this is fixed by Adobe. (0000252) - Some Tower abilities are incorrect after loading (0000249) - Fix occasional black screen when returning to main menu (0000244) - Sometimes the withered set teleport is broken (0000247) - Muli's hangover can trigger even though he attacks (0000246) - Check armor calculation correctness; in combination with cactus some users reported issues with this (0000233) - Electric Chair does not look at Painting of Solea (0000215) - Extend number formatting, so that trillions (T) can be displayed (0000242) - Painting of Solea doesn't scale with bonus xp (0000230) - Money Bin does not scale correctly when it levels up (0000234) - Elvis gets confused by Helm of Hades (0000203) - If an already playing sound effect shall be played again, revert it instead of do nothing. (0000255)


- Add 2 more uncommon aura towers so that Herb Witch is no longer the only choice. Edit nerfed witch, added 1 more aura tower (0000183) - Nerf Muli's gain from drinking (0000261) - Knusperhexe's armor reduction no longer needs a cap (0000236)


- Implement Impatience’s Wrath (Mokhnaar) (0000219) - Add pair of wedding rings, see discussion (0000239) - Allow cards to be transmuted directly in the ui (0000253) - Thus, remove Horadric Cube (0000256) - Implement new player skill for community challenge reward (0000258) - Background music should repeat, add separate in-game music (0000259) - Implement bonus round and remove wave master skill, add proper end of game screen (0000260) - Implement fan tower on Monday: Scarface! (0000264)

Finally I had time to update the changelog for 0.9. It's quite a lot of stuff :-)

Bonus round is done, almost feature complete now. Next thing to tackle will be the wedding rings! Then off to bugfixing :-D :-D

Woot! 2 more things on the list! I'm excited!!

Down to 1 more thing! Plus, a few polishing tasks on my list :-)

Very nice! One formatting comment about the list though: while the strike-through is a nice way to indicate that you've finished something, it makes it very hard to read the patch notes, maybe remove the strike-through once you release a patch?

Good call, did just that :-)