as this game has (i guess?) limited resources your should make a promoting input in the blog as it has devoted players and a great forum and facebook you could ask them to share mazebert facebook profile in their own FB(already did it);) as most have facebook/twitter or other community sites the game would get some reach no thanks to money but to devoted players, as to get more followers/players. (and ofc chance of donations) as many dont know about this game and the most games that charge money has an advantage with money they can spend on commercial, but many would get this game to the fact it is free and donating money doesn't give any advantages except for some xtras for fun(not pay2play as other games is all about). and all you need to do is ask ppl and im sure they would try to help

Hey! Thanks for spreading the good word :-) I'm not so sure of people might find auch a PR call annoying. Maybe it is enough to try to make the game as good as possible and if some Players really enjoy it they might spread/recommend it? But I'm really not that good at marketing so might be wrong. A great thing would be a mentioning/review in some indie game Magazine or Blog, but it would probably require to pitch them with a good story first, and so far I haven't found the time to write one.. If any of you guys is by chance a writer or would have an idea for such an article? ;-) Cheers!

ah ofc you have a excellent point! ad free game is vital for many ppl's choice of game, i just thought of it on the blog though i don't as you said know how ppl would react, i can only answer for myself on that xD do you know of any game site that allows reviews from the public? not only from their own crew's i mean?