Could anybody tell me how to summon the f gib right?

I get so confused and some angry.It said after one tower wearing that 4 sets for 1 min+ and killing a creep,I can 'sacrifice' them four for summonning gib.So what's sacrifice meaning in this game?Always there is no a button showing 'sacrifice' or anything.And I got nothing like gib after transmuting these four.I did it 3 times(one at this time,one in several months ago,one in 1 or 2 years ago) and got no gib 3 times.Yes I just recognize all these because in the other games I would never think of doing gib.And why I have this thought?Because I 'sacrificed' those sets and were always getting no gib.I just regarded it as a bug.But all the update versions haven't noted this.So what's the problem?Why this can't be fixed?Or just add a 'sacrifice' button in a certain time?

Guess what,I really don't like guess anything.I think this game should note?For all newbies,do not collect frozen sets and try to summon gib. frozen demon.Or Use some words easy to follow and get a certain gib.


Hi there! Did you check your tower deck? The Gib card gets added there. What version of the game are you playing with? The current description is not that bad I think: Kill a creep after wearing the set for at least 1 minute, to sacrifice the set for a frozen daemon tower card.

I apologize for my rudeness and shit words. First of all,I checked my recent replay.I found I transmuted those 4 frozen cards after 'ready for summoning gib' showed while that tower hadn't killed a creep.(As for the other 2 games I tried to get gib,it's really an old version and have no the function of reply.So maybe it's really a bug in my device and proves nothing) Secondly,I got some mental disease and have to stay at home all day for long time and get treatment.I don't think it count as an excuse to explain what I did.Now I'm calm and realize I just want to attack someone(if I have a chance) to maintain my sense of place in the world.I wanted to delete this thread yesterday but it help me to analysis my issue so I prefer to keep it. Thirdly,I'm playing the newest version.That description still confuses me.I don't think 'sacrifice' meaning an automatic process so I need transmute the frozen cards by myself,right? At last,I can make sure you won't get my compliment.Because I deleted most of my accounts and will deliver some I don't want to delete to my friends in next days.I know my apologize can't fix you after seeing my words.But I can tell you this is still an excellent game for me.That's all

I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you're alright. And no, no offence taken, I'm getting angry too if software is not doing the stuff I expect from it. If you ever want to try that set again. You just put all four different items in one tower. After wearing it for a minute it will say it is ready for Gib.. Now if that tower makes a kill, the items are removed automatically and Gib is added to your tower deck. A good tower to do the kill for you is Miss Jilly. And no worries, I'm glad you like this game :-)