Crossbow for Bear Hunter

What if the bear hunter had a crossbow that reloaded every other trap? This would allow Bear Hunter to farm xp from training holograms. The crossbow would be normal damage: no area damage and no flying penalty. If it had +1 range, that would feel good - as long as it isn't too hard to code. Bear Hunter feels weak because: - - His vision* is to catch leaks or insta-kill challenges with a huge stack of traps. - - However, in the back, he ends up too weak to do anything. - - If he tries to carry, he can't build up a healthy number of traps. And, he is poor primary carry due to his -70% damage to flying. - - His only passive xp gain is from key of wisdom. Painting of Solea doesn't work since he doesn't directly attack. Hologram doesn't work since traps are only placed on the path. * By "vision" I mean how the tower wants to play. For example, the vision for wolves is to have a large pack of wolf towers working together to kill each creep.