Daily Quest Bug

Hello Andy, I've run into a little bug concerning the Daily quests. The point is, that i had 3 Quests. Early in the morning i rerolled a quest, went to work and when i started Mazebert again, i had the old quest again, before i rerolled. I will give you all Informations i can think of: HTC One Mini, using the current Android version -rerolled quest -closed Mazebert (pressing the "home" button) -activiting the fly mode (no signals etc, so you could travel by plane) -deactivating the screen -about 30min later i activate the screen again, starting mazebert and even though i swapped a quest, it went back to the old quest Nothing more i can think of right now ^^ -

I don't know if its related, but even with an internet and data connection both running a strong signal, my game wouldn't give me a quest for days (Finally updated itself today).