daily quests

Am I really unlucky or is the daily quest the same every day where you have to kill 7 challenge then clear with metropolis and nature? Is it possible for this to be changed to be a randomized daily quest each day instead of it being sequential based on what quests you have already?

Hi @meep! New daily quests are already randomly generated. Daily means you get a new random quest every day as long as you don't already have 3 quests. If you already have 3 you can replace your daily by pressing the red 'x' on any quest. Or do you mean, whenever you just do replace a quest you get one of those you mentioned? In this case, I suppose you just have been unlucky.

I've been getting only the 7 challenges kill thing and cleared it every day. When I didn't clear it I got a different quest. Guess I'm just really unlucky then. Is there a place that lists all the daily quests I can get? I would suggest some new ones, but I don't really know what quests there are already. Somewhere when clicking on the game tab on top would be nice.

@meep you lucky bastard ;) i like the 7 challenge quest as it can be done very easily, i always, always get the nature/metro and metro/darkness everytime and then i wanna finish it as fast as possible so it makes me only to do a 200 rounds game, when what i really wanna play is the 500 rounds =) @andy about the quests i noticed something today, i lost my phone in friday and got it back today but when synchronizing i expcted a full questlog but only got 1 new quest, do i have to syncronise every day to get the new quest? i thought they stacked up so i could get all that i've missed as i got my phone back withing 3 days, as the limit is 3 quests and 1 on hold if you "X" button one of them. so that kinda sucked =) also noticed when i was forging, connection failed and i did not get to forge an item but when i got connection back it took 20 card relics anyway, though my next roll after that was a seelenreisser(whohoooo!!) so i dont relly care about that after my lucky forging =) oh btw in another quest forum i asked about the time the quests come and you said it's supposed to be at 00:00(12:00 am) but it's 02:00 in my country im in timezone +1, it doesn't bother me coz i play them after i wake up, i just noticed it sometimes i stay up late =) also as meep said it doesn't seem very random(or is the quest i get depending on at what time i get it and what the other players have gotten?) i dont understand coz some of them i can get many many times but like the dark planet i've only gotten twice and both times in the last week before i had only seen it in a picture in your blog or facebooK? so anyway i thought it was a "hint" of a hidden quest until i really got it as a quest =) had tried to finish this "hidden" quest before but never got a notification of quest completed so after that i just thought it was for show in the blog/FB or that you hadn't added it yet =)

@MRDRR Thanks for the input! And congratz to Seelenrei├čer forge! When you experienced this connection error, did you check if you got a new golden card after synchronizing? Because when the server removed 20 card relics, he should have finished the rest of the transaction, too, which would be adding a new golden card to your deck. Problem is, when the backward connection to your client times out, the app has no clue what went wrong in detail (upload or download of result) and displays the connection error. I created two new tickets: - Quest reset at midnight doesn't seem to work properly - Quests don't stack after not synchronizing for a few days (that will be a big plus in terms of usability and convenience!) Cheers!

tnx have only tried the seelenreisser on a 200 game so far so haven't seen the immense power it carries yet =) i got to a 1000ish sec with holgar carry on a darkplanet questrun i can't be sure but i didn't notice a increase in golden cards though i could just have missed it aswell, mostly the reason why i noticed was bcoz the relics got drawn but the forging animation did not play out nor did a card come up on screen as it usually do so could just be that everything worked only it did not show animation as intended =) nice i also think the quest stack would be great =) but probably need a cap on the stacks so you dont get a months worth of quests if you just wait a month without sync maybe a maximum of 4-7 quests? i think 3-4 stacked would be sufficient anyway