Daily subscription

I know andy make this game f2p n f2w, in which noble. But i think its a good idea to give option for ppl to spend and earn something. So this is my idea. Subscription $5/month ( the number up to andy) player got 5 coin/day everytime player login for 28 days. The reason is coin hard to get. Some quest are impossible (at least for me) n what make it worst black market too random, n some week no info at all what they are selling. Unless black market change, the item r all available at all time, but each item have their own price. Coz i found its frustrating for 2 weeks no progress at all since i dont get the item i need to progress. Ty for your time.

Thanks for your suggestion! It's amazing to hear that there are players who would like to spend money on the game. This would be a big change in the philosophy of this game though. I really like the fact that everything (except cosmetic items) can be unlocked by just playing the game. I think that's very enjoyable. Some suggestions to unlock more cards. Once you've beaten golden grounds, you can craft all golden/legendary cards directly (except black market ones). The forum or discord is a good place to ask for the black market items or for help with beating golden grounds. Multiplayer games can unlock it too! There was a suggestion to grant 10 relics for every 3 games you win. I think that would make progress a bit easier and I plan to add it once the DoL season is over. If you want to support me financially, with Dawn of Light there is an option to buy a supporter pack: https://mazebert.com/supporters/dawn-of-light-supporter-pack/ Cheers Andy